Hardwired for Success

If only our purpose was stamped on the bottom of our foot when we’re born. Nothing detailed, just one word would suffice, doctor, lawyer, teacher. Wouldn’t that make life easier? To be fair, human nature is such that if we had our purpose imprinted on our body, we would spend our lives trying to defy it. One of the greatest journeys you can ever embark on is finding yourself. Yes it can be frustrating but it’s supposed to be one of the joys of life, discovering who you are and why you’re here. Self discovery is a long process but I’ll try my best to plot a course for your own self discovery.

Designed for a purpose

Case IH Steiger Quadtrac 620 tractor

Let’s play a game. There’s a race and you have to pick a vehicle. Three options are available. A Ferrari Enzo, Case IH Steiger Quadtrac 620 tractor and my personal favorite, a Ford Ranger.
What would you pick? Obviously the Ferrari, it’s a race. Well, I didn’t give you the details of the race. We’re going to see who can plow a field the fastest. How’s your Ferrari looking now? It’s a clear win, the tractor comes in first, the 4×4 is second and the poor Ferrari is stuck at the starting line.

Let’s suppose the race was across rugged terrain. What then? Surely the 4×4 would win, the tractor might get going but never make it through. As for our Ferrari, shame it’s still at the start. But let’s finally look at a street race, the Ferrari takes it hands down.

See, neither vehicle is better than the other because they were designed for a specific purpose. They would win their race because they’re built for it. The creator of each vehicle understood the requirements. In the case of the 4×4, the problem was rough terrain so a vehicle was designed and built that would handle those issues. It’s hard wired to be a solution to that particular problem.

Likewise, you were specifically designed for a certain purpose. You’re hardwired for it then God deployed you to earth to get the job done. Our problem is that everyone wants to be a Ferrari. We spend our lives trying to be something that we’re not and it makes us miserable. Disagree? What about the numerous contestants on shows like Idols. It’s obvious that they cannot sing, yet they stand for hours, waiting for their shot at fame and fortune.

And the participation trophy goes to…..

Let me give you another example, I suck at sports. I have always sucked at it. I’m simply not coordinated. A few years ago, there was a soccer match in our church and I reluctantly agreed. I somehow managed to injure myself within 10 mins. Let me break it down in point form so you can see how ridiculous this situation is:

  • The ball was on the other side of the field.
  • No one was anywhere near me.
  • My left leg kicked my right leg while running.
  • Clinton hurt himself…

As I limped off the field & sat on the sidelines in anguish, I contemplated my life choices, I said to myself, “Let’s agree to never do this again. This is clearly not for us.” I might be useless at dribbling a ball but I can dribble an idea in my head. I can take abstract concepts apart and build practical systems out of it. I spend to much time in my head which makes me very clumsy, I’m always bumping into things. I’m hardwired differently. We all are and that’s what makes life so amazing. One of the keys to living a happy and fulfilled life is to focus on what you’re good at. You need to learn how you’re hardwired. This will inturn point you in the right direction regarding what you’re good at. You need to focus on being the best at whatever you are. Stop trying to be something you’re not.

So what’s your hardwiring?

A good starting point is to take a Myers Briggs Personality test. This will allow you to get some insight as to how your mind works and why you think a certain way. Don’t get too hung up on it and feel like you’re being put into a box. We may have certain hardwiring but our minds are pliable. I’ve tried a few of these tests and eventually paid about R500 for the full test results from personalitymax.com. Here’s a link to my report so you have an idea of what you get, click here. It’s worth it but you can also try the test on 16personalities.com which is free and has a good writeup for each personality type.

When you read your results, it’ll be a real eye opener to what makes you tick. What you may need to consider thereafter is searching for a Facebook group for your personality type. This will allow you to interact with like minded people. This is especially important if you have a rare type like INTJ or INFJ because it allows you to see yourself through others. I was a difficult person to work with but simmered down quite a bit after joining my group. You start to see your own shortcomings when conversing with people of the same personality type as you. In turn leading to personal growth.

This is your first step in understanding yourself and learning to appreciate your hardwiring. It’ll also help you to pinpoint a career that best suits your personality. Your hardwiring helps you to perceive the world around you. It helps you to interpret the world. That’s why two people can have the same experience but their perception of what happened can be very different. When you combine your hardwiring with your experiences in life, your purpose will start to unravel over time.

Give it a shot and let me know what your results were. Does it make sense? Is that really you? More often than not you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how awesome you really are. Take Care.

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