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Project Gallery About the Project Pastor Ricky Pillay put forth the idea of creating an event that highlights the 5 fold ministry in a fun way. Thereby emphasizing its use in the context of our daily jobs and how these personality types interact. Thus began the journey in Mervin Govender crafting “TAP²E Kitchen Contest” Teams […]

Project Gallery About the video Childhood friends, Al-Jerau & Clinton decide to make an outdoor cooking video at one of their favorite snorkel spots in KZN. Sounds like fun but little did they know the challenges they would face on that day. From the arduous task of safely carry all the equipment over slippery rocks […]

Project Gallery About this video Would it be possible to make low budget documentaries? We definitely have enough interesting fauna and flora locally… What if we could give people the opportunity to participate and be recognized for their work in these fields? Could we foster more care and community participation in the various conservation efforts? […]

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