And welcome to adulthood. I know, I know… I was just as shocked as you when I got here. Were we warned? Nope. All we got was, “Study hard, get good grades and all will be well with you.”

Narrator: “But our heroes would soon find out that all would NOT be well with them… In fact, their journey had just begun!”

A ragtag bunch of misfits, brought up on SpongeBob and Dragon Ball Z, trying to navigate a world that’s changing at an unprecedented rate in human history.

Will they survive? Or better yet thrive? Here’s what I think…

Life is a journey of self discovery and collaboration is key to our development.

That’s the essence of this website, it’s a compilation of adventures, mishaps and subsequent insights into adulthood.

We’ll take apart the ideas and concepts that we were spoon-fed, break them down to their base components, make sense of each part and try to rebuild them (if necessary) into something that not only makes sense but is actionable.

Millennials have confided in me that no one told them that life would be this hard.

With that in mind, I believe in discussing life in a candid (unfiltered), no holds barred manner that stimulates personal growth. No one has it all figured out. Thus the sharing and careful consideration of ideas is necessary in the pursuit of a meaningful life.

If this resonates with you, then I look forward to you being a part of this journey.

I'm assuming that you're in... Let's commemorate this journey with some memes.