We all have something of value to share. Whether it be knowledge from our careers, something that interests us like a hobby or even our life experience. I’ve had a fair amount of people express interest in writing recently. However, life is so hectic and it’s almost unthinkable to get tied down with a writing schedule.

Having your own website can be daunting as you have to be consistent. There’s also the time required to learn how to use the software. Not that it’s difficult but there’s a learning curve to everything. What about the cost implication of starting a site? Lest we forget that nagging feeling of, “What if I put in all this time and effort and it doesn’t work?”

You can write on Facebook or Instagram but it kinda disappears into the system after a short while.

Sometimes the most valuable information that people need is so personal that the thought of people knowing what you are going through or went through is terrifying.

Here’s my suggestion, I have three sites that you can write on. No schedules, no specified word count, you can even use a pen name to conceal your identity. The goal is to just get you writing and activate your gift.

  • in Durban – Write about anything you like. An event you attended, review a restaurant, whatever you like… But if you’re going to critic something, do so constructively. Treat others as you would want to be treated.
  • Clinton Unfiltered – Anything about life or your experiences.
  • Passing it on – Primarily about cooking and recipes but if you want to share a story about the good old days, you can do so here.

The platforms have been built and you have the opportunity to explore your gift, obligation-free… Contact me if you want to get started.

Short Stories

When I considered opening the websites to aspiring writers, I was looking at it from a non-fiction standpoint. However, I’m sure we have amazing fiction writers among us that need an outlet as well.

So, here’s my suggestion. I will create a fiction section on inDurban.co.za that will allow people to post their short stories. However, there must be no:

Profanity – blasphemous or obscene language
Smut – When two or more characters (fictional or nonfictional) has a sexual encounter with each other. (Urban Dictionary)

Feel free to write whatever you like in any genre. The goal is for you to feel that sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. That, “wow, I did this…” feeling

The following are just my thoughts…

If you think of Harry Potter, the Walking Dead or even John Wick for that matter. It’s more than a story, the writer created a “world” that the reader gets emersed in. Perhaps string together the short stories so that you create a world that you can build on. This incremental approach might turn a daunting dream of writing a novel into bite-sized chunks that’s more fun to write.

Some stories use historical events and interweave a fictional plot into it. A good example would be how “X-Men: First Class” used the Cuban Missile Crisis in its plot. South Africa has a rich history that could work well with your short stories.

Finally, using South Africa or Durban as a setting for a story. A key example would be District 9 with the “Alien squatter camps”

Food for thought. I’m just providing the platform, pen names are welcome.