Writing Anywhere with Google Keep

Many people would love to write and there’s this whimsical idea of the process… A dimly lit room, a hot cup of coffee and you in your jammies, totally at peace, in front of your laptop. Your fingers dancing across the keys as you let those creative juices flow from your brain to your fingertips and into Microsoft Word. Sounds great right?

Perhaps it’s just me but life’s kinda hectic. We’re adults… We have responsibilities and commitments. For most of us, it’s not easy to set aside time to write. Frankly, it’s not even paying our bills yet so its priority can be a bit low. We need a flexible way to accomplish our writing goals and aspirations.

Thank God for smartphones and predictive text. I write on the go, most of my articles are written on my smartphone. I’d estimate 80% is written while standing in queues at the mall, parked somewhere, in waiting rooms or wherever I have a moment. You’ll be amazed at how much writing you can do in-home affairs. That’s the thing with creative work, inspiration can strike at any moment and you need a way to quickly capture that thought.

I use Google Keep to write since it’s cloud-based. So I always have the “work in progress” at my fingertips, irrespective of whether I’m at my desktop or out with my smartphone.

I refine and polish it on my laptop thereafter. I’d say 20% of the finished product happens on my laptop. Most of it is chopping, changing and moving things around for better flow.

My only criticism is that Google Keep doesn’t have a word count feature but otherwise, a great, free tool for anyone to use.

If you want to write and can’t find the time, give it a try. At the very least you can make notes and flesh it out later. Writing a thousand words can seem daunting but a little here and there throughout the week adds up in the end.

Keep in mind that we’re texting for most of the day. All you’re doing is constructive texting… Let me know how it goes.

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