Why does God want us to be Successful?

Jesus taught many lessons during his ministry and most of them were about changing our way of life and operating like the Kingdom of heaven. We’ve heard the sermons in Church on how we’re supposed to behave and what we’re supposed to do in certain situations but they don’t explain why we’re supposed to do it. Many of us think that this way of life is idealistic but not realistic in the world that we live in. We believe that turning the other cheek or loving our enemies isn’t possible.

Quick Question… When you started your job, were you any good at it? Not really, but as you gained experience, you became better at it. Now imagine you were doing the same job for approx. 6000 years. How good would you be?

Well Satan has been doing the same job for roughly 6000 years and guess what… He’s damn good at it! He knows how we’re designed, he understands purpose and he’s well aware of how dangerous we are. So he feeds us lies to prevent us from reaching our purpose. One of these lies is that we’re insignificant. He makes us look at our circumstances and instead of seeing humble beginnings, he makes us think that’s all we are or will ever be. Because of this, the world has become average. In the working world, you’ll find that people are very happy with being average. They get into a comfort zone and stay there. The funny thing is that we admire people like athletes, businessmen and singers because they choose to not be average and to fight for what they want. We admire people who are bold and stand for what they believe in like Nelson Mandela but we’re too afraid to do the same.

You’re strategically positioned

I don’t believe in luck or chance. There’s no such thing as a coincidence. You being born has nothing to do with chance. Whether your birth was planned by your parents or not. Our God is a God of purpose. Everything he does and creates has a purpose. God designed you to fulfill a need on this planet; He then placed you in the right family, at the right place and at the right time. He gave you the right experiences, good or bad to mold you and shape you towards your purpose and destiny. The thing about God is that He allows freedom but maintains control over everything. You can choose to be all that you were designed to be or you can live an ordinary, boring, unfulfilled life. It’s really your choice. And if you decide on the latter, then you are choosing to rob this earth of the reason God sent you because you are the solution to its problems in a certain field.

Show that you can be trusted with what you already have

Do you remember the parable of the bags of gold? The master entrusts each of his servants with gold before he went on his long journey. When he comes back, they show him what they’ve done with it. And in Matthew 25:23 it says

“His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!”

When you’re faithful with the little things, God will entrust you with bigger things. When you obey His word and live a life that’s pleasing to Him, you will prosper. Remember that the Bible says that all things work for good to them that love the Lord.

Start developing a personal relationship with God and ask Him to guide you towards your purpose. Be obedient to his instructions because it’s there to help you, not spoil your fun. The rules are in place so that we live the way we were designed to live. We were created in his image. People tend to take this as meaning that humans were designed to look like him but it’s much more than that. We were designed to act, think and behave like him. God made you and he knows what you’re capable of, so when he tells you to do something… He knows you can do it. He won’t tell you to do something that’s not possible. We are the ones who can’t see our true potential or doubt ourselves. So make if your mission to do as the Word says. Be obedient regardless of whether you understand the reasoning behind it.

Why is our success so important to God

Now let’s get to why we’re supposed to do all this…. Watch the video.

Shocked? I was when I first heard it. Did I show this to you to scare you?

Well, yes and here’s the thing, your life is a testimony of God’s Grace and Mercy. When people see how successful you are and they know you to be a person in right standing with God. When they see how calm and strong you are, even when you experience earth shattering problems. When they hear of your humble beginnings and you tell them that the reason for your success, happiness and peace is not through your own strength but because of the Grace of the God you serve. Tell me, which person in their right mind would not want what you have? Who would not want to get saved when they see your life and hear your story? We wouldn’t want our worst enemy to go through what we just heard.  The stakes are high… The Bible says that we are the Salt of the earth and the light of the world. The question is, are you ready to be all that you were meant to be? And are you ready to start showing this lost world the way?

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