Preparing for Greatness

The Story behind the book

Sometimes when God wants to do something in our lives. He starts with an idea. It’s like being given a piece of a puzzle. The trouble is, this is all we see. We don’t see the big picture. We can’t comprehend the extent of God’s plan, with our limited understanding.

And God’s not going to show you the big picture, He’s given you something small, an idea. And it’s your job to be faithful with it. As you work on it, more pieces will be given to you and the picture starts to take shape.

In this case, it was a sermon called Preparing for Greatness which I did in the Youth Ministry. It was the story of David but it’s focus was on how God prepared David for Goliath through trials that he faced in his life.

So then the question was, how do we teach the story to younger kids. Perhaps a board game. This was 2012, back then I used to do website development part time and that’s how I got to know Karla Brink. I asked her if she’d help me with the artwork for this youth project and she did the illustrations for me.

The board game idea is what I call a misfire. A misfire is something that you try to get off the ground but it doesn’t work out for whatever reason. I have a folder on my PC where I store my misfires.

Fast forward to October 2019, I’m looking for something in the misfires folder and come across the illustrations. I looked at them and said, you know what… Let’s make a Children’s book. I then send an email to our Church members about this media project and Karl & Vani are keen to write it. They are both very creative. Vani is an educator so she works with kids daily and Karl can sing and has even written a worship song previously.

So let me put it all into perspective. What started out as just an aha moment while reading the Word and realizes how God was working with David ahead of Goliath, led to a sermon, which led to illustrations which gave birth to this children’s book and two kingdom authors. You know what’s interesting, it all happened in God’s timing, not ours.

And that ladies and gentlemen is the story behind Preparing for Greatness.

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