The Hustle

About the series

COVID taught us that we simply can’t rely on a single source of income. In this series, I show the viewer how to setup a side hustle step by step at minimal cost.


  • Introduction
  • Reserving the name & registering the business.
  • Finding free fonts for your branding.
  • Colour schemes for your branding.
  • Finding stock photos for your marketing.
  • Finding free editable graphic designs.
  • Should I hire a graphic designer or do it myself?
  • Creating a Logo – Part 1 (Working with font)
  • Creating a Logo – Part 2 (Incorporating vectors)
  • Creating a Logo – Part 3 (Adding colour)
  • Designing your first advert
  • Designing Social Media Profile Pictures
  • Designing a Facebook Cover for Mobile & Desktop Users
  • Creating a Facebook Page
  • How to design a Business Card.
  • How much should I charge?
  • Conclusion – Setting up a business can be cheaper than takeout.



Episode 1

In this video, I show you how to check if your company name is available. I share a bit on the costs involved and a common misconception surrounding registering a business in South Africa.


Episode 2

We have a brief discussion on the importance of branding, how it's changed over the years and then I show you how to find the right font to use in your branding.


Episode 3

In this episode we discuss colour and how to find colour combinations that work.


Episode 4

In this episode, I show you how to acquire high quality photography for your startup.