Passing it on


Started: 7 October 2018

  • Season 1: 10 Episodes
  • Season 2: 46 Episodes
  • Season 3: 46 Episodes
  • Season 4: 43 Episodes



About the Project

Leaving a culinary legacy.

Food is an integral part of our culture. The mere smell of our favorite dish reminds us of how Grandma use to make it. Nostalgia sends us hurtling down memory lane to those cherished moments when we “broke bread” with our loved ones. Sadly, family recipes are forgotten. Lost in time because the next generation couldn’t spare a moment so that their parents could pass the baton to them. We’re rapidly replacing our cultural heritage with fast food.

Passing it on is a project born out of this need. A need to document our heritage. To allow each generation to leave a culinary legacy.