The Introverts Guide to Public Speaking


I, like the vast majority, struggled with the fear of public speaking and after two decades, I got my breakthrough. All it took was one good experience to unlock my mind and free me of long -eld beliefs that effective public speaking was beyond me. That one experience sparked a journey into grabbing opportunities to stand before my fellow man and has opened doors for me in my career and social life.

Unfortunately, the majority of public speaking books are longer than necessary with even the proclaimed handbooks being roughly 300 pages long.

The focus of these books is on the professional speakers and not geared toward the man on the street, that doesn’t want to make a living out of public speaking but put his best foot forward when he needs to prepare a speech for his best friend’s wedding, a loved ones birthday or a presentation at work.

Hence this book was written to be an easy-to-use, quick read that can be referred to whenever it’s time to step up to the plate. It’ll squash your fears, help you in your preparation and get you ready for execution on D-day in 30 days or less.


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