Other Websites

For the sake of search engine optimization, I publish the topics I find interesting on different websites. Here’s some of the other sites, I’m involved with.

Joshua’s Outpost

The aim of Joshua’s Outpost is to encourage Christian men to be warriors in their faith. We are about learning to be obedient, faithful, and dependent on God and to live according to His Word, to build a generation of strong and courageous Christian men. We value strength, courage, leadership and faith, all characteristics that Joshua demonstrated. Our content is intended to inspire, encourage, and challenge men spiritually in their walk with Jesus Christ. We discuss areas of faith, family, and culture. Click here to visit this blog

In Durban

After getting frustrated with the questions, “What should we do today?” or “Where can I take my daughter?” I decided to document the places that we visited in our area. In Durban was born from this frustration. It’s an attempt at creating a comprehensive guide that locals and tourists can use. I’ve since extended the content to include other information that I think would be valuable. Click here to visit the website.

M.A.D Business Solutions

I’m passionate about Entrepreneurship. In particular, I believe that it’s a great way to find personal, spiritual (yes, spiritual) and financial fulfillment. So I created M.A.D Business Solutions to help other businesses. Apart from the various services that we offer, there’s also a YouTube Channel & a blog on MADSolutions.net.za. This website acts as a hub to the other specialized websites regarding our services. Click here to visit the website.