Completion: November 2020

“If you don’t see the book you want on the shelf, write it.”
-Beverly Cleary-

Not the subject that I thought I’d write on but….

Extract from Chapter 1

I’m not a counselor, nor a pastor. Just a man that loves the Word and a faithful spouse that’s been through betrayal and made it through. In a nutshell, this is my story:

You found a young man that would care for you. A person from a good home that would provide for you. So, you studied my nature and fashioned a person according to my heart’s desire. A person that I would love with all my soul. A person that I would fight for and a person that I would be willing to die for. The person you pretended to be all these years.

They say it’s better to have loved and lost but to love a lie, there’s no recourse. My heart longs to grow old with her but she doesn’t exist. She was just a facade that you created. A means to an end, a way to a life of comfort. My joy was to provide for her, her happiness was my happiness. If I had to go back and choose, I’d choose her. I miss her dearly, but she doesn’t exist, she never did.

The veil has been removed from my eyes and the spell has been broken. I will not allow you to use me any longer. I can no longer care for you, love you and keep you. There’s no life for us to go back to. Nothing that can be rebuilt.

Trust is the foundation of any marriage and you abused it. You manipulated and made a mockery of my love for you and trust in you. How long have I defended your honor? How many people have I walked away from for your sake? How long have I catered to your every whim and desire?

I saw that smirk when my world was shaking. This perfect storm of your own creation. I may get battered, bruised and brought to my knees. But I’ll never be broken for God’s strength is in me.

The love of my life may have been fiction. But I will love again, I have this conviction. For a help-meet, a friend, I know God will send. A person I’lI love until the very end.

This storm may seem like destruction, a brutal end. But God is restoring my life. I’ll be happy again.

Snippets from the book